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The Hack, Straight-Talk Smart-Tech Issue 10

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Helpdesk Cyber Security IT Solutions Voice Think Cloud Social Media It seems like we re spoilt for choice when it comes to social media And it feels like a new platform pops up every other week We ve gone from MySpace back in the day to Facebook and Twitter to Instagram Snapchat and TikTok And there are countless other platforms vailable too As it s become more along the lines of opinions and mainstream over the years beliefs are my own it s become another way for people to get themselves in And how would you deal trouble Recently we ve seen sports with an employee who made people punished for old tweets and unprofessional or unacceptable celebrities dropped by brands posts or who s been caught trolling because of or harassing someone inappropriate content online THE HACK Tech Fact 1 Take a listen to Leon Paul on The New 100X LEADERSHIP CHALLENGE State Of Fear Psychological Independence Find all Our Podcast s on iTunes Anchor and Spotify With that in mind do you have a social media policy for your business This is all a relatively new problem to deal with isn t it We d love to hear how you deal with social media in your business or how Do you want your people to align you ve tackled any problematic themselves online with your behaviour on business s core values Or would social media before you prefer they distanced themselves from the il business us an ema Do you feel there s a need for a disclaimer if they do use your business name on their profiles Drop thinksupport k cloud co u How do effective leaders develop selfdiscipline With Lee Radford Tech Fact 3 y cked every da a h re a s e it s b n 100 000 we tdated versio u o n a n ru s e sit ys 90 of those ates are alwa d p U s s re P rd of Wo important we don we did a onse from p In Q2 2021 s re a d a h was urvey we h uarter whic q e th feedback s r fo ty hosen chari ice 1 to our c ouse Hosp H e v Do was 303 feedbacks f o r e b m u n The total ed 303 which rais ink Cloud Team Th to all The Well Done portant than n is more im ed Imaginatio dge is limit For knowle knowledge n aginatio whereas im ulating IONAL world stim re ti INSPIRAT en e th es ac evolution F THE embr ving birth to QU OTE O progress gi tein Albert Eins M ON TH Masterclass Moving your business to the cloud for better efficiency Get your free ticket on the link below https www eventbrite co uk e masterclass moving yourbusiness to the cloud for better efficiency tickets163524075913 ace GSuite TIP Google Worksp Use a hyphen to ex t lease don p u o y h on n help If we ca te to get in touc hesita 1482 333 505 0 g this by visitin ll a c a le or schedu link ctk conta u o c d u k clo www thin us Success Through Digital Technology XERO MIGRATION CERTIFIED Protecting Organisations Against Cyber Attack Money et e s i a R s u Helping n incentive where for every ticakted 17th 24th September 1st October Lee s a winner and that s putting it mildly with two Super League titles under his belt a World Club Challenge and he s also won the Challenge Cup a colossal four times With two of the wins as head coach The Deep Business Centre Tower St Hull HU1 4BG think cloud co uk 01482 333505 CRN 04822386 Bots are e nancial traffic The fi t e rn te in ll a of for bot main target sector is the on d by educati e w llo fo y it activ g and gamblin government We are celebrating 18 years in Business The Hack is back and what a show we have in store for you this week as your hosts Leon Paul and Jo are joined by none other than Hull rugby legend Lee Radford Lee also spent most of his Rugby career representing Hull FC represented on over 190 occasions With a hugely successful spell at the Bradford Bulls 154 sandwiched in the middle before going on to coach Hull FC Lee is now set to become head coach of the Castleford Tigers where he will look to add to the honours he s already won Lee s career provides a perspective not yet covered on the show and one especially poignant with regards to the 100x Leadership challenge which we have been airing on the show To have a leader in elite sport on the show provides a wide range of thoughtprovoking topics to discuss including effective leadership building a team and developing potential Tech Fact 2stimated to make up 37 9 As of May this year Facebook is the most popular social network with 2 8 billion monthly active users Happy Birthday Join Leon XERO ADVISOR CERTIFIED The Hack 10 5 TIP MICROSOFT 36 on going on ail conversati em g n lo a e Cd so can t Is ther and you re C es u g a lle co n betwee plies stop getting re clude words g for a word with an d yourself searchin fin y ma u yo ogle es tim Some stang When you Go An example is Mu ing an me de by us ma r uo ca big the am s for both you may get result to tell en ph hy the search for Mustang e nt to cut one out us wa u yo If rse ho Ford or the er See the example nt with one of the oth nte co ore ign to e the engin below ngs e to search for musta tells the search engin ldly wi be n ca It m Mustang cars This word car in the the th wi s ult res y but remove an ng without getting ation about somethi orm inf g din fin en helpful wh something else information about conversation l messages in a ai em l al re no ts you ig s folder Microsoft 365 le ur deleted item re emails to yo tu fu e ov m ill w and e e tab select th tion On the Hom sa er nv co n a in tio sage nversa Select any mes select Ignore Co en Ignore And Delete group th deleted conversation in by finding your ersation is nv th Co do g un rin n no ca That s it You nore Stop Ig Ig te le De e items then Hom Success Through Digital Technology The Deep Business Centre Tower St Hull HU1 4BG think cloud co uk 01482 333505 CRN 04822386 XERO MIGRATION CERTIFIED Protecting Organisations Against Cyber Attack XERO ADVISOR CERTIFIED

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Helpdesk Cyber Security IT Solutions Voice Think Cloud GET MORE DONE WITHOUT HIRING MORE PEOPLE We like to think our loyal team is working hard and using time wisely And realistically many of your people will be doing precisely that But just because everyone is working hard doesn t mean you re not still wasting time Think about your average week How long do you or your people spend logging information when you ve spoken to clients or taken on new business How many back and forth emails or calls does it take to arrange a meeting at a time to suit everyone And how about the time you spend creating presentations and fiddling around looking for suitable images then finding the right place to put them in the slides Double win But figuring out which of these time saving productivity boosting apps are right for your business can be tricky We want to help you For a short time we re offering a time saving assessment to local businesses Our experts will talk to you about your business and the way you operate They ll discuss the apps and software that you re currently using and the way you re using them Then they ll suggest apps that can help you simplify your processes All these little things add up And as well as being time wasters they re probably causing a lot of frustration too That can lead to demotivated employees Visit think cloud co uk contact us to book a no obligation 15 minute video call THE QUESTION I ve lost my phone and it s on silent ANSWER HACK Not a problem Use another device to find it For iPhones log into iCloud com and you should be able to see all of your devices and their location You can make the iPhone play a sound to help you locate it If you re using Android go to android com find to do the same Your mon written fo thly newsletter r humans not geeks QUESTION y laptop The screen on m keeps freezing ANSWER browse e first ever web 1 What was th t reeper But wha 1990 r virus called C te pu m co st fir 2 The ted year was it crea firewall do 3 What does a ters located soft s headquar ro ic M is re he 4 W pronounce Gif 5 How do you The answers ar e below It s very convenient and cost effective for everyone Isn t that the point of having all of your data and apps in the cloud You can access anything anywhere on any device My apps keep crash ing what s wrong But there are downsides Any time someone accesses business data on a a device that you don t control it opens windows of opportunity for cyber criminals ANSWER Here are 3 scary questions to ask yourself QUESTION Yes On an iPhone go to Settings Safari and tur Block popups On An n on droid open Chrome and the settings on the right hand co rner Select settings then sit settings and make su e re popups are blocked did no harm to f replicate and tware could sel s Lee d by Tim Berner as a security test to see if sof 1 Nexus create igned des ly ual act do harm 2 1971 It was infected traffic that could pronounce it Gif the computers it ffic on your network and blocks However many the word gin 3 It monitors tra shington soft G sound like 4 Redmond Wad to be pronounced Jif with a 5 It was intende nd like in the word gift with a hard G sou XERO MIGRATION CERTIFIED Protecting Organisations Against Cyber Attack 2 What happens if someone taps a bad link Lots of people read their emails on their phone If they tap on a bad link in a phishing email a fake email that it looks like it s from a real company is Is your business s data safe More and more businesses encourage staff to use their own personal mobiles to access company data Success Through Digital Technology The Deep Business Centre Tower St Hull HU1 4BG think cloud co uk 01482 333505 CRN 04822386 DID YOU KNOW 3 scary questions to ask about your data on your staff s phones es out of 10 Don t worry 9 tim ied by ed m this can be re off and on op pt la ur yo turning s it if again However s ep ke at th something be an ay m it g in en happ vice s issue with the de files Run a pt rru co or memory a d malware system check an offer a ey th if scan to see get an IT ill st r tte Be n solutio case e th professional on UIZ FUN TECH Q iz e for another qu g hat on it s tim e right es th of 5 l Get your thinkin al t sed if you can ge We ll be impres r invented in 10 E Fortunately there are literally hundreds of solutions to help you cut down or remove much of this wasted time And to give your team a motivational boost because their work lives have been made easier TIO DI N Increasing productivity in your business can be tricky The Hack 10 XERO ADVISOR CERTIFIED you can help e W d n Need a ha call on Give us a ake sure 05 We ll m 5 3 3 3 2 8 014 your IT ree is worry f 1 What happens if someone s phone is lost or stolen What s a pain for them could be a nightmare for you Would you be able to encrypt your business s data or delete it remotely Would it is easy for a stranger to unlock the device and access the apps installed Contrary to popular belief phones can be hacked in a similar way to your computer 3 What happens when someone leaves Do you have a plan to block their ongoing access to your business s apps and data It s the thing many business owners and managers forget when staff change Did you know you can share an exact point in a YouTube video Sharing videos with colleagues and friends is something we do often How many times do you think you send someone a video but they can t be bothered to scroll to the bit you want them to see Here s how to share a video so it starts at a specific point First scroll through the video up to the exact moment you want Click share You ll notice there s a checkbox below the link Put a tick in that box and the video will start at that exact moment Easy as that If you haven t already create a mobile phone security plan to go with your general IT security plan Make sure everyone in your business knows what it is and what to do if they suspect anything is wrong If you need a hand don t forget that a trusted Cyber Security partner like us can give you the right guidance Success Through Digital Technology The Deep Business Centre Tower St Hull HU1 4BG think cloud co uk 01482 333505 CRN 04822386 XERO MIGRATION CERTIFIED Protecting Organisations Against Cyber Attack XERO ADVISOR CERTIFIED